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Ettlin Lux® Smart Glas creates a glowing ambiance with dramatic effect and can be used as a splashback in indoor and outdoor applications. Ettlin Lux® Smart Glas combines glass surfaces with a creative light design. LEDs interact with the glass and create three-dimensional effects in various forms and colours. Following the production principle of safety glass it is made out of two pieces of float glass or tempered safety glass. The effect material is embedded in between. Dimensions up to 1750 mm x 3000 mm are possible.

Insulated glass with Ettlin lux® Smart Glas is possible as well. Individual dimensions and forms are feasible as well as additional drill holes or edge grindings. The laminated glass can be fixed with conventional mounting devices. Similar to Ettlin Lux® fabrics the Smart Glas interacts with point light sources such as LEDs and creates fascinating luminous structures. Use colour LEDs such as RGB LEDs in order to adapt the installation to your room setup. You can create a splashback that changes colours through colour changing lighting that will make a dramatic and dynamic kitchen space.

Download Smart Glass Kitchen Flyer.